Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Week 2: The John Nelson Weight Loss Challenge

One week down and John's already managed to drop 7 pounds, a total of $140 for the Wounded Warrior Project.

John sent me an update, which I've included here:

Week one was not what I had planned. The snows this week put a damper on a lot of what I thought I was going to do. I only got the gym twice. And I only got on the bike to train twice as well. The rest of the time was spent on other projects and work. The snows also got to me in the form of a back ache that has me in my massage chair twice a day, and a heat patch on right now. So in the end, I was very reliant on the calories in portion of the diet, where I couldn't put too much in since I wasn't getting a chance to get more out.

Nevertheless, I dropped seven pounds to drop to 323. Not bad for an off week. The weigh-in was a bit surprising, to be honest. I didn't drop that many calories from meals. Not as much as if I weren't stuck indoors for four days. The coming weeks are a little more of the same, but I'm confident I can drop thirty or more in the end. My goal for May is to be down below 300 and best case would be 280-290. We'll see. I'm taking it day by day and week by week. Hopefully, I can keep up the drops as the weeks go on.

To be honest, what allows me to put the spoon, fork or snack down is the fact that this is being done for the Wounded Warriors, folk that are close to my heart. It is a way to say thanks. But it means much more than that. For me, this is a new beginning. For the money that we get to donate, it will be a new beginning for some soldier that has had an involuntary change in his or her life. When I put a fork in my mouth with a lump of food on it, I have their experiences in mind. I have and image of a soldier holding onto a bar to try to walk. A soldier, in a pool strengthening her legs. I see an artificial arm picking up the same fork I have in my hand. That seven pounds I lost this week, coupled with your donation, will pay for time in the pool, the therapist at the bar, and the sensor in the artificial arm. For that, I take the fork out of my mouth and put it on the table. Win win.

With that, I'll see you all next week.


Grayson said...

Man, that photoshop job is awesome. I wonder who did that...

qualia said...

Great work, John! Come on people, pony up... we need more donations.

Calvini said...

Can't read Japanese, I take it, Grayson?

Yeah, the photog's a real hotshot in Japan, I hear.