Friday, November 20, 2009

Get on your bikes. The apocalypse is upon us. No rush.

One type of ad wizardry involves the invention of apocalyptic doom. For example:

H1N1, brought to you by Purell.

Obesity, brought to you by the diet industry.

Dehydrated America, brought to you by the bottled water industry.

Germs, brought to you by the cleaning industry (make sure you watch the whole thing).

Sobriety, brought to you by the beer industry.

Then, there's simply doom, with no real alleviatiatory product, as in the film 2012. On the other hand, maybe it's doom that's the cure; maybe the apocalypse is our boring, drama-free lives. Remember the excitement of life after 9/11? For a moment, Britney writhing with an albino snake wasn't the most interesting thing going.

What apocalypse does cycling cure? Or is cycling a taste of the apocalyptic?

I know it's apocalyptic on Tuesday night hills when Rugg's there. Aside from that, I'm not sure.


Sigberto said...

I'd say cycling and beer go on the same shelf - you sure don't need either, but they're fun and the more you get involved with it, you just keep spending more and more on new types of 'em.

TerribleTerry said...

Apocolyptic ferver comes from puritan religious beliefs. A belief that rapture would come and the good folks would all be taken to some awesome place.

MadMax movies and whatnot play to this. It's a relief to many people to think the end is near. That somehow their daily drudgery of cubicle dwelling (or whatever) will end and "something better" will come. The "something better" just depends on what they think the world should be like.

100 virgins, a wild west society with no laws, a return to an agrarian society....all of it because people get bored with today and feel that the misbehavior of others is going to lead to the end...and their good behavior will make them succeed in then.

Calvini said...

So what you guys are saying is that cycling is a doubled edged sword: (entirely NSFW)

Jim said...

Would you guys quit mis-spelling apocalypse?

The world may be ending, but Strunk & White is still in effect.

Calvini said...

Point taken, Jim. I was just thinking about using the word as a phrase. As in, "man, Chuck Hutch just dropped a poc o' lyptic on everone's ass. It burns!" Just a thought.

Oh, and Strunk and White help us out with style, not spelling. Terry and I f-ed up because we didn't use the dictionary, not ol' S & T.

SP said...

Also, there's no hyphen in "misspell."