Sunday, November 1, 2009

Last Run in Rock Creek Park

I'll miss you, preferred destination of murderers and spies.

I'll miss the hubcaps in your riffles,
the snakes in your gutters,
the basketballs in your eddies.

I'll miss you, hook-up spot for closet cases and drug addicts,
favorite of evil doers in search of privacy
and, for some reason, nature.

I'll miss you, "strenuous" trail from Tillman to Porter,
more a deathtrap for children than a strain:
slippery, poorly marked, tilting toward rapids.

I'll miss you, blondish yoga woman
powerwalking your designer dog,
your black pants slimming,
their white side-stripes elongating.

Congratulations: my eye followed the path you set out for it.

I'll miss you, wonkish frizzy-haired brunette in the muted teal Columbia vest;
your tortoise-shell-inspired glasses, tight forehead and distracted gait say:
"It's alright if my son goes to Dartmouth next year;
his sister will go to Yale."

I'll miss you ex-military dude
running heavy-footed in a long-underwear top.
Are you on steroids or is that genetic?
Have you ever killed a man?

Oh, Rock Creek Park

I'll miss your parking lots of Prii,
your mangey tick-infested deer,
your ferns still green in November.

Remember when my rear wheel washed out on that hairpin in an April thunderstorm?
Remember grinding my hip like a wetted belt sander?
I do.

We'll always have Tegaderm, you and I.

God you were so beautiful today, so beautiful,
your sewage but a rank, familiar high note
in an earthy bouquet of decomposing foliage.


Calvini said...

hehehe. nice work...for a philosopher.

seriously, made me laugh.

qualia said...

thx bro.

i'll try to keep up, but it may be my last post for awhile. from here out my schedule is crazy, like yours. i wanted to go out on a high note... or at least a rank one.

tome said...

really nice note to the ol' girl. Stay in touch, man.

Tony A. said...

RCP is going to miss you just as much. We'll forward along its response poem.