Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Zoologist, Triathlete, Idealist: Gone

Natasha Pettigrew was from Maryland.

She made sure to insert the definite article when mentioning her alma mater: THE Ohio State University.

She was brave and strong enough to ride her bike before the sun rose.

She was beautiful and smart, and only 30 years old.

She cared enough about the world and her country to run for office, and not just any office: the US Senate. Even if she stood no chance of winning.

In the same manner, she earned her BS in Zoology, even though she stood no chance of supporting herself as a zookeeper.

In a fiery column promoting her candidacy, she wrote: "How effective a representative can I be if I must wait 20 or 25 years and have had the opportunity to become set in my ways or suffering health issues that preclude me from getting out and really visiting my constituents, all of them!!!"

Christy Littleford, 41, driving a Cadillac Escalade, struck Natasha on this corner, sometime around 6:00am on September 19th:

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Littleford admitted to police she knew she had struck something, but told the police she thought it was "an animal," and said she did not stop. A witness at the scene, however, saw the Cadillac stop.

Only after Littleford reacher her home, four miles away, dragging Natasha's bike, did she call police. Some reports have her calling police "sometime before 6:30am," others "four hours after she arrived home."

Natasha died yesterday.


Tim Rugg said...

She thought she hit an animal!?!? She's the animal... waiting four hours to call the police!?

Is there any word of whether she had lights on because it is still very dark at that time? Animals don't have lights...

I hope that if she did have lights that this woman is charged with manslaughter and found guilty.

Calvini said...

The police say they were looking for lights or reflective clothing. Since they didn't even find Natasha's shoes and other gear, I have some doubts about whether they'll do a thorough job in that search.

lifein360 said...

Very sad. I can only imagine how many more similar stories can be told this year. At least 5 here in Ottawa.