Thursday, April 30, 2009

GamJams Reviews: Shoes...The Cinderella Shoe

No road shoe elicits the "have my baby" response to the degree that the Cannondale by Diadora RS1000 Sport Road Shoe does. Thankfully, I have this shoe.

The allure of the shoe goes beyond its "glass filled, nylon outsole with molded channels." Who doesn't want a shoe made from the material worn by Cinderella? And when I think "breathable," I think glass. You can see right through it!

The allure of the Cannondale by Diadora RS1000 Sport Road Shoe goes beyond its lazily outsourced branding (yeah, we at Cannondale had the Diadora do it for us 'cause we were too busy fiddling with aluminum tubes, the frame material of the future, whatevs).

One can't say the name of the shoe isn't on the cutting edge. Cannondale brought to you by Diadora is part of the new trend in cycling, the X powered by Y trend: Garmin powered by Chipotle, Ricky Riccardo Ricco powered by Cera, and Joe Jefferson's mouth powered by God Almighty (the guy is an amazing announcer, isn't he?)

A lot of shoes have buckles and medieval contraptions designed to pinion the foot within the shoe. A lot of shoes have stiff soles made of carbon fiber and adamantium. A lot of shoes are lightweight.

My shoe, the the Cannondale by Diadora RS1000 Sport Road Shoe, has "special inserts [that] help prevent skidding when you're off the bike." I don't know how inserts, placed within the shoe, help prevent skidding, which normally occurs between the shoe exterior and the ground, but the geniuses at Cannondale by Diadora have obviously thought outside the box in coming up with this solution.

Performance-wise, these shoes have exceptionally soft and pliant soles and stiff, unforgiving uppers, and are slightly lighter than moonboots. Still, for sex appeal alone, the Cannondale by Diadora RS1000 Sport Road Shoe is worth the performance loss.

Rumor has it that Cannondale is getting Hanes to do a leather sock for them. Cycling's female fans, all three hundred and sixty-one, are breathless with anticipation.

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