Monday, April 27, 2009

The Anti-Gray Lady

Newspapers have gone the way of deviled eggs--you see them on grandma's table, but rarely anywhere else. The NY Times is in big trouble, laying off staff and asking the remaining workers to take pay cuts. This is bad news for democracy and bad news for those of us who enjoy something more than the recyled junk that is blog-lit (for example, bikerackheads).

So it is with great pleasure I announce the addition of my brother, under the nome de plume, "qualia," to the bikerackhead staff.

The addition of qualia to our staff brings many benefits, but is nonetheless bittersweet. Since qualia made up a large portion of our readership, his addition to the organization cuts our followers in half.

We are the Astana of local cycling blogs with readership of fewer than five persons: all road generals and no domestiques.

My brother's a good rider and smart guy (he has a Phd in a totally useless field), whose thoughts you (all three of you) will certainly appreciate. That is, if the swine flu doesn't kill us all.

As Click and Clack say: remember, don't ride like my brother.


Sigberto said...

Just because all of our blogs are junk, doesn't mean they have to be "recycled junk."

Calvini said...

True, that. But doesn't it sound worse saying you don't recycle?

qualia said...

"Smart guy" I'll accept, as a consolation for pouring years of my life into the aforementioned useless Ph.D. "Good rider" is a bit of a stretch. "Enthusiastic rider who, while talent-less, keeps grinding," is more accurate.

Thanks for bringing me aboard.