Saturday, September 18, 2010

Professional Athlete with World's Worst Physique Guilty of Doping

By now, you've read the Cyclingnews article, Stevo's comments and maybe some other things about Jonathon Chodroff's purchase of EPO from Papp's online store.

A few things about Chodroff:
He raced the Tour of Millersburg in 2007 as a Cat 2 and won the TT, but not by a huge amount.
His racing age is 25.
He went to Yale, where he was a rower.
His grandfather was a prominent dentist who suffered from cancer and died from cancer in 2007. His grandfather was intensely interested in Jonathon's cycling career.
His blog during his cycling tenure is here.
He won his first pro stage race, and the first race won by OUCH, enlisting the help of Bobby Lea in his victory.
He put out 415 watts for 28 minutes at the Valley of the Sun TT in 2008.
Riding in China earlier this Summer convinced him that "he didn't have it" and to retire from cycling to go to medical school.
He purchased EPO when he was a Category 3 racer. He presumably used it then, and later.
Thus far, he is the only one of Papp's customers to step forward and admit guilt. There are, it has been suggested, approximately 187 others who purchased EPO but haven't had to balls to step up and admit what they did.

I'm not worried that the guys who beat me in local Cat 3 races are doing it "on the juice." In fact, I'm pretty sure almost all of them are clean. I see how hard they work, and I recognize that I'm not at the kind of sublime level where being beaten by dopers even matters.

But take a talented kid like Nate Wilson who just announced he may step out of road cycling--he's competing directly with guys like Chodroff. How can we advise him to stay in the sport, knowing that even our best and brightest--Yale grads, for God's sake--resort to juicing?

I'm not sure I'd advise Nathan to continue to ride his bike...on the road. On the one hand, the kid can ride, and it's great seeing talent. On the other hand, if Nate's talent is obscured by no-talent ass monkeys like Chodroff, maybe it's time to join a band or take up spelunking, or writing a proper blog with punctuation and capitalization.


chuck hutch said...

If you are going to ride guys are always gonna beat you and make you suffer. You just have to enjoy racing for what it is and hope everyone is clean. I think now may be time for change though. Sanctions, suspensions, fines and all of the stuff that happens to guys who dope don't seem to be working. I think now is the time for change. When someone gets popped as a community we should start being vigelantes and pull some wild west shit before their trial even begin and bring terror to these thieves and cheats so people start thinking twice before they f--- us over.

Calvini said...

Chuck, coming from you, that means a lot. You're one of the few guys out there competing at a high enough level where it matters.

That being said, if you ever need some vigilantes, we're there for ya. Also, you've got the Tim's--all you've got to do is point and those guys attack.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

i ain't worried 'bout it...dopers come, then they go...i keep racing...let 'em have their fun