Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Week Four: The John Nelson Weight Loss Challenge

John's out in Denver this week. From the picture, it looks like he's out there to assassinate someone or at least throw a handpump in their spokes; in between doing whatever he's doing and looking fierce, he's still working hard on his weight loss program. A reminder--if you want to spur John on (and force him to buy new clothes) and support the Wounded Warrior Project, see the pledge spreadsheet here. Here's this week's update:

After just losing 5 pounds this week, I'm a little disappointed. I thought I could cross over 8 pounds to get back on track. But no such luck. I did work out three times and got on the trainer for about three hours last week. One of the five o'clock work out sessions was three hours of intense fat burning cardio on the elliptical and weight benches. But it didn't melt off much. In fact I think I gained some muscle in the process. My quads are back! Not a bad side effect, but it defeats the purpose.

This week I'm in Denver, Colorado for training. I'll be in class all day and working late into the night with the OPM Leadership teams that I've been working with for the past thirteen weeks. This week concludes our training, but it will be an intense ordeal requiring a lot of my time. The good news is that I won't be eating much due to the long hours. But what I do eat may not be ideal. Last time I was here, we ate junk food. So far so good, though. Apples and fruit are around, allowing me to minimize the processed food and concentrate on "good" calories. There is a small gym here, but it is usually packed or I don't have the time to sleep and work and work out.

As a result of where I am and how things should be going this week, I don' anticipate losing much weight this week. Which is why I'm so disappointed that I haven't lost much from last week. Oh well, it is early. We'll have to see how things turn out.

On a brighter note, the sun is out next week at home, and the temps are climbing. I won't be as busy over the next month so I hope to get out and do some miles. If done properly, the calories in will not reach the amount I put out on a four hour ride or mountain bike ride to Great Falls and back. Its also time to look into riding to work, provided the trails aren't still icy. No matter. With my work schedule lightening up, no more class for a while, and my wife now fully supporting my endeavor by cooking lighter and smaller meals, I should start to drop faster and more efficiently. I have till May right? Right now, I'm below 320 at 318. Next goal is 310 in two weeks. Then I'll go for 300 on my birthday on April 4th. All I have to do is get by this next week. The rest is downhill, with a wind at my back and the tires pumped to 140.

See ya'll next week.

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qualia said...

You sound less than thrilled about dropping five pounds and adding muscle this week. What's wrong with you? That's awesome!

I worked my ass off, ate well, and don't think I dropped more than a pound.