Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tyler Hamilton says "More white in those jerseys"

At some point during the Green Mountain Stage Race, Tyler Hamilton with his Quebecais g-friend and his scary skinny entourage, strolls by the two Tims who are standing there, one with piss drying in his chamois, the other with a big turd of Nutella hanging from his chin and they're trying to help each other into the tightest manjorts ever seen in New England, which Tim R. feels will really set off his appledot mountains jersey (see here)...

and Tyler says...

"More white in those jersey. That'd be good"

And strolls on.

"He was right," Rugg tells me last night before the hill ride, shaking his head. "Dead on."

"Our kits suck," Brown agreed. "Even Tina admits it."

I thought our kits were the coolest in MABRA, I say.

"Oh, they are. But compared to the ones we saw at Green Mountain..."

"Two-toned, with another color accent..." Rugg is wearing, has worn, was wearing, wears, will wear, and will be wearing his KOM jersey. It smells, and will smell of Rugg for a long time. Get used to it.

" this jersey," he says, pointing to the apples on his jersey. "I like it."


Dave K said...

I smelled it last night when we were going opposite directions from one another.

Calvini said...

Yeah, the smell of Rugg. A strong smell.

The smell of a man who knows what he wants, and almost always gets it.

Except when he has a mechanical.

Or is distracted by shiny metal objects.

Or when he overtrains.

But, other than in those instances, usually gets what he wants.

Rugglestench. The new "col-own." Straight from the Rugglechamois.