Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Favorite NY Ride and our Noncycling Cycling Brother

As you know, this blog is authored by Qualia and Calvini (me), two brothers. Our older brother, Bryan, is a much more gifted athlete who,these days, we're only able to surpass because he has a "family" and all that pseudo important stuff. He never exercises.

But when Bryan was in high school he was a nationally ranked cross country runner who probably would have been a great athlete if he had ever learned the concept of relaxation. Every opportunity for competition was a chance to tell his body (and his brothers) who was boss. Bryan never tired of instilling discipline in his corpus. He'd regularly lose 10 lbs or more when he went out for a run. Man, those were scary times.

After several years of entirely sedentary living, last week Bryan took up my offer to go for a ride. Three days in a row. On some of the hilliest roads in the country.

On the third day, he did not rest.

No, he suggested we "check out" a hill that had twice caused his car to stall, due to its steep angle and his car's inability to pump gas when nearly inverted.

That hill he wanted to check out was 30 miles away. And between that hill and my parents' house is the hilliest road I've ever ridden, West Virginia riding included.

Here's my power output for the day:
In addition to two 5-minute power blocs of almost 400 watts, I hope you'll notice a few 50 mph+ screaming downhills.

Now, I'd like to puff out my chest and brag about this, except that Bryan, who has ridden a bike three times in the past year managed to hang with me the whole way.

Here's to hoping my kids--if I ever have any--get some of those genes...


Anonymous said...

check out this hill it is where they sometimes hold street luge races. very fun decent. if you are looking for other cool roads let me know, school was right near there.

e hill rd in munnsville, ny
skyline dr from oriskany falls towards clington

GamJams said...

Who left that other comment and (also) went to school up there?

Also, what is this hill / road of which you speak?

Finally, if you had an iBike paired with your PowerTap instead of the PT CPU, you'd also have elevation and slope in your chart.

Calvini said...

Anon--A hill luged is probably a good hill for riding. I'll have to try to find that one next time I'm up there--I wasn't aware there was a Skyline Drive in Upstate. That's some crazy and beautiful riding up there, for sure.

Mike--I see from reading the benefits of the iBike. Next year, man. Next year.

Tony A. said...

Considering how strong you and qualia are, I'm amazed, and angered, to hear out team ended up with the two schlubs of your brood.

qualia said...

Bryan is a reminder of how much genes matter, and stubbornness.

The only time I ever dropped him was on another summer vacation with family. I'd been running upwards of 50 miles a week and Bryan had been... completely sedentary, immersing himself in his studies instead.

The first day, we went out for a 10 mile fartlek run. I knew I had the better fitness for the first time in my life, but I was still going to need both speed and distance to drop him, because mentally he was way tougher. So I kept pushing him into the red with surges, watching him try to disguise the fatigue.

Kind of like the picador / banderillas stage of bullfighting: weaken the bull; prepare for the kill.

It wasn't until the hilly last mile, which I clocked under 5:30, that he couldn't hang anymore.

This is where the matador comes into the ring with the sword.

First victory over my brother in a footrace, ever, in my late twenties. All it had taken was about four months of training on my part and complete inactivity on his.

The next day we went out again for a short run and it was back to old times: he trashed me. The following day, I was too sore to get out again. Bryan did 16 miles.

Now, why can't we get him into cycling?