Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I was going to write a post about the medical system as I encountered it over the weekend: the negligence, the waste, the bureaucracy, the expense, the excellence.

Then I found this painting by someone whose signature looks something like "Cadel" (Evans, I presume).

There was nothing left to say.

I decided to share this clip from the 1974 Giro instead. Watch the descent from about 4:16 to 6:44. Reminds me of a Visconti film from the same era, maybe Death in Venice, though I guess that score was Mahler's fifth. And one other difference: I swear I can hear a kazoo.


Tim Rugg said...

Absolutely beautiful

Greg said...

did you guys watch part 2?
At the end when Fuente wins the stage but loses the Giro, There's a close-up of his dejected face and the director cuts back to his moments in pink on the podium. Totally 70s!

qualia said...

yeah, i half expected a kung fu zoom shot there, ala quentin tarantino. tooo funny.