Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fun with Pie Charts: Timothy Rugglesworth's 2009 Racing Season Results


qualia said...


1. caught out behind crash,
2. while chasing back on blows 2 tubulars,
3. glues on new ones (3 coats, mind you!),
4. reinflates with his own lungs,
5. with the help of other stragglers, catches peleton,
6. throws chain, endos, fixes chain,
7. catches peleton again and breaks away on the steepest part of the course
8. is angered by a fan and stops to altercate,
9. flats again, this time without a spare,
10. wrestles a disobedient, indecisive rear derailleur,
11. is passed by the leaders,
12. holds off a charging peleton at the finish for a top 10.

Grayson said...

Where's: "Crashed out after scarf caught in cassette, DNF due to blogging about episode."?

Tim Rugg said...

Where's your mom?