Tuesday, July 21, 2009

GamJams Reviews: Seat Packs - Pedro's Blowout Seatpack

The first thing you want in a seat pack is a strong zipper. You don't want to hit a manhole at 30 mph and spray tools, tubes, patch kit and emergency cash all over the street and amuse the schoolbus full of children departing from the zoo. Take it from me, trying to gather a patch kit scattered over Connecticut Avenue during rush hour is not fun.

Pedro's Blowout seatpack is manufactured to ensure that it does not blow out. If I am to believe the literature in a recent edition of the Onion, the children who work at Pedro's Chinese plant have no higher aspiration than to make a seatpack zipper that does not explode in front of the zoo under the scrutiny of a schoolbus of children. In any case, my Pedro's Blowout zipper has thus far proven to be a testament to Pedro's, the pseudo-green New England company with the Spanish name selling goods manufactured by the children of Communist China (see "I'm the dude, playin' the dude, disguised as another dude!").

Artist's depiction of Pedro's factory worker and her motivating manager

Pedro's Blowout seatpack is large enough for a spare tube, a patch kit, an all-tool, and a few other small items. If you want a pack large enough to discreetly discard the body of the squirrel you ran over, you will probably have to segment the corpse to fit it in the Blowout. It's not huge.

It fastens tightly to the bottom of my seat, and isn't too hard to remove. Being able to fasten your seatpack tightly is important; a swinging seatpack--and I'm not kidding here--nearly brought me down on a wet descent at Rock Creek Park. If you descend like me, you need to eliminate every possible cause of imabalance--including a swaying seatpack. The Blowout, unlike my previous seatpack, can be cinched as tight as you like.

Lastly, the Blowout is made of old inner tubes. Not only is this good for the environment, it is also a just and appropriate second life for old, failed tubes: helping tubes keep going, holding the impliments of failure, containing the blowout. If Martha Stewart ruled the world, being a seatpack would be the fate of every old tube.

Thank God, she doesn't, and it's just a seatpack.


Sigberto said...

that squirrel thing is a good selling point...

Lance said...

I have had one of these fail. I use Lezyne now. They make nice stuff.

Calvini said...

Questioning of the Chinese government and their assurances that Pedro's makes unbreakable failsafe zippers is not permitted. Please do not resist the young revolutionaries who will visit your home tonight and beat you with sticks and destroy your unsafe and capitalistic Taiwanese Giant TCR Advanced SL tonight.