Thursday, May 14, 2009

First Dibs on Spidey Bike

How much lighter and stronger can bikes get? Scientists have managed to fuse metals -- titanium, aluminum, and zinc -- with spider's silk, resulting in a three-to-ten-fold increase in strength.

Turns out, Mother Nature is ahead of the materials-research game: marine polychaete worms already mix zinc into the proteins in their jaws for improved hardness, as do leaf-cutter ants and locusts.

I call dibs on the first titanium-infused silk bike frame. Sprockets fashioned from the mandibles of leaf-cutter ants and polychaete bearings please.

With such advanced materials, there's no way I could possibly get dropped.


Fatguy Racer said...

When I read the headline on the Ambassador Roll my first thought was the custom chopper that Orange County Choppers built for Wycelf Jean was for sale and you wanted it.


Calvini said...

Yeah, the thought did cross my mind. That was a sweet ride. Probably not UCI legal.

qualia said...

Sweet ride, indeed.