Thursday, May 14, 2009

Extra-Vehicular Activity

Neil Armstrong after his first Apollo 11 extra-vehicular activity

I've seen that face before. It's the face of a someone who's partaken of disco bisquits. It's the face of a junkie in bliss, except it's not a junkie. It's Neil Armstrong, good ol' evangelical Christian, straight and narrow Neil Armstrong, jacked on extra-vehicular activity.

What a euphemism for walking on the moon! EXTRA-VEHICULAR ACTIVITY--a phrase that includes strolling into the local Kwikee Mart for some chocolate milk, waving or otherwise remonstrating out the window, getting out of the car to take a leak, and walking on the moon.

I rode out to Greenbelt last night with John and Rugg, a ride through streets uncomfortable with bikes. We found a path, eventually, along a canal, and suddenly I felt like I was back in Belgium, minus the families on bikes, cafes, medieval architecture, and pristine farms. Still, not bad for east DC.

After the race, we rode back, along with some riders from other teams--about ten of us. The sun was setting, and we talked about the race and how Rugg had launched about 13 attacks off the front and how he had ridden in the grass for a while, probably because he wanted to amuse us--which is his forte--and how Dean from Colavita had chased us down and set us up at the end by going to the front and pulling so the field strung out before the hill.

My brother managed to stay upright, and even put in an attack on the last stretch. Though he blew up and fell to the back of the pack, it was at least not crashing or getting spit out the back of the 35+ crowd.

We talked about how Martin had charged up in the end without even standing up and how Gregg had put the hammer down for one lap--then dropped off the back. How we put in countless attacks in the B race, attacks from Grayson, Rugg, Martin and I. Maybe others. How great Greenbelt is, and the Route 1 guys who run it. We bitched about squirrelly guys.

And we made it home safe. Extra-vehicular activity completed. Bleery eyed grin.

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