Wednesday, April 14, 2010

John Nelson Weight Loss Challenge: Wounded Warrior Fundraising Details

Thought I'd send an update on how much we've raised for the WWP thus far: $658.

Yep. Enough for an entry level Trek. Or $658 dollar value menu items of your choice. Wait...this is a weight loss challenge. 530 bags of carrots (or 240 bags of carrots at Whole Paycheck, er, Foods).

I've received some requests for access to the pledge sheet for John's Weight Loss Challenge, with pledges going toward the Wounded Warriors Project.

Here's how it works:

Go to the online spreadsheet here.

Pledge an amount for every pound John loses. He's already lost about 30, so keep in mind that you already owe your amount X 30 pounds. And he's gonna lose more, especially if we give him some motivation.

The final weigh-in is May 20th, and we'll announce the grand total on May 21st right before John and I head off to California to watch the Tour of California and ride Big Bear Mountain.

When you figure out how much you owe WWP, just go to the WWP website and give your money to a pretty damn worthy cause.

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