Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Week Seven: The John Nelson Weight Loss Challenge

Here's John's update this week:

Today I really didn’t want to blog this out. It’s been a good news bad news type of week. The good news is that my pants are no where close to fitting. I can fit my fist in between my waist and the belt line. The belt hole moved from the second from the end to the fourth from the end, and sometimes the fifth. That is awesome. The bad news is that some of these little wins turn out to be the costly aspect of all of this. My pants don’t fit. They slide right off my back side. This means that I need new clothes. I’ll need to spend some time at the Men’s warehouse later this year. Hey, for better health, what are a few pairs of pants at the seamstress and a few new pairs to boot?

More good news from this week comes from the workout side. I’ve come to love the elliptical machine. I get eh sensation of dancing on the pedals like Contador (yeah right) climbing the last Col on the way to a breakaway climb. My calves burn through an hour long workout, and my arms are getting stronger. I can tell by the weights I’m using in the shoulder press and the arm curls. I went up five pounds to make it harder this week. And on the machine, I’m at level 20, up five challenge points from two weeks ago, and 30 minutes longer than four weeks ago. I’m pretty proud of my fitness this early in the season. I get to work on speed in May and June instead of August September.

The bad news from this week is why I didn’t want to write today. I gain (*&%@ing gained) two pounds to push up to 311. That hurt, this morning. I stepped on the scale hoping for a big number to reach 300 ahead of schedule. I was shocked. I worked out. I ate very well this last week. I was so proud that I went out to eat with friends and colleagues at restaurants and I chose wisely with seafood and took home doggie bags. My caloric level was lower this week than the previous. I know it. I wanted to hit 300. Somewhere in there, with the five workouts and the semi-starved state I was in, I plateau’d. It sucks. I’m not sure what happened. A friend said I gain a lot of muscle this week, as indicated by the increase in weights and increase in time on the machines. But damn… a gain?

There is apart of me that says that this does suck. But on the other hand, I feel pretty good. My health is right on schedule to begin the warm weather rides this week. I can work slower and keep my heart rate down this week, to burn fat, knowing that my fitness is on or a little ahead of schedule. I’ll concentrate on climbing with the treadmill this week, regulating my heart rate to see if I can drop pounds and not lose any muscle I may or may not have gained. So this is a setback. But only for a moment. I expected a week like this, but it was supposed to be while not training. Not while doing well with the program.

The next step is to get back on the program and workout what might have gone wrong. Instead of pushing for more and more weight or faster and faster time on the machines, I need to go back to basics and concentrate on my diet (no eating out this week), and work at the things that brought me down to this point.

In a way I felt I let down a few people, especially after flaunting my techniques last week. I even got scared that the yo-yo effect had started. But in hindsight from this morning, it is just a slip off the tightrope… not a fall. That is the good news. The bad news is that while slipping, to steady myself, I took two steps backward. The end of the line is just that much farther now. But it is not out of sight and I’m not sitting in the safety net. I just have to steady myself, look down at the line I’m supposed to follow and take another step. One at a time is all it is going to take to reach first 300, then 295, then 290, and then we’ll see if
I can keep going. Keep looking up. I’m still on the wire.


Calvini said...

On the bright side, we got another donor. On the dark side, now you owe her money!

Figured the weight gain would happen at some point. I can gain or lose seven or eight pounds in one week for absolutely no reason that I can fathom--I'm guessing it's just one of those fluctuations.

Keep doing what you're doing, and let's throw in some long rides and see what happens.

Major Nelson said...

Calvini, thanks. I'll see you on the road on the long rides.

qualia said...

Water weight and/or metabolic adjustment. Trust the process and you'll keep dropping.