Monday, March 29, 2010

The John Nelson Weight Loss Challenge: Week Nine

This week, John presents us with a cliffhanger:

This morning, the walk from the bed to the scale was dark, familiar, and yet still a toe-stubbing journey toward something I already knew. For the most part, this last last week matched the hallway, two sets of creaky stairs, and a few steps in the den to the scale in the middle of the room. I’ve done this time and time again. I’m familiar with the trip; so much so that I can do it half asleep and in the dark. Yet, I still stub my toe every once in a while, cursing under my breath so as not to disturb the sleeping dog and my ever-vigilant wife. I’m trying to be quiet, because there isn’t much to make a lot of noise over. It is just a small part of the journey that I have to do… to reach the final destination.

This last week I realized that I had five or six pounds to go to reach the first of my goals (300 by April). I thought it would be easier than the week before, especially since I was on a five pound roll from the previous week. I thought I broke through the plateau and was heading down again. All I had to do was workout, eat right, and follow the plan.

But then reality hit. The first steps down the hall, though familiar, had some objects that I had forgotten about, so I didn’t see it coming. I was working from 6 to 7 and needed continue cleaning the house; thus the mops, vacuum and broom in the hall. Bam! Stub! Ow! I ran smack into the vacuum cleaner… similar to the Monday and Wednesday of the week. Bam! Ow! I had forgotten about some work commitments that needed my attention. I had two subcommittee meetings on each day, requiring a lot of my time. So the painful, stubbed toe was a reminder of the lack of workouts on those days.

Tuesday and Thursday, was like the creaky steps downward on the stairs. I got workouts in and my diet was pretty good for those days, but it was just steps. Familiar, and my knees were creaky. And not really something to write home about. While on this journey, they are just steps, with a railing. For these simple steps, the workouts were at lunch and lasted a little over 45 minutes. They are just quick, little steps toward the final destination.

The final few steps were cautious ones, taken with care to not screw up the little I did to get to this point. I didn’t want to misstep and fall, only to make me curse for almost getting there as gently as I could. Crossing the room, I tread lightly, knowing I could have gone faster and reached the scale in no time, but I didn’t need to rush things. I needed cautious steps to safely reach the scale, which included tip-toeing around the refrigerator in the kitchen, easily in sight.

The Saturday and Sunday steps were also characterized by cautiously treading around not snacking and screwing up the little I did to get to the point. I worked around the house for the most part; fixing things up, cleaning up the winter crap, making sure everything was in its place. I didn’t get the traditional workout in. I didn’t get to ride because of the work that had to be done and the cold temperatures, despite the sunshine. Sunday the threat of rain kept me off the bike, but allowed me the chance to seed my front lawn. So without the workouts, the cautious steps to safely reach the scale this week included tip-toeing around the refrigerator in the kitchen, easily in sight from the yard. And it included working out in unconventional ways. (Its amazing what ab work you can do with a rake.)

But then, there was some other things that got in my way. A food thing! I stepped as carefully as I could, but couldn’t avoid stepping on a play bone the dog had left on the den floor. I slipped. Just slightly. But I slipped nonetheless. This caused a slight cursing under my breath. Just like when I ate a large dinner on Wednesday night. After it happened, I realized that I slipped. Just slightly. But I slipped nonetheless. This caused a slight cursing under my breath.

Finally at my destination this Monday morning, I turned on the scale (Biggest Loser on Wii – still the most accurate scale in the house) and kept the volume down as I read the result. After quietly getting here, with a few whoop-sees, a few steps in the downward direction, and a slip up, I still managed to loose 1 pound (305). I knew I would loose. I’ve been familiar with this journey enough to know that I wasn’t gaining anything; so I kept quiet.

I had five pounds to lose before April and I know how to get there. But, with the few obstacles in the way, a few surprises here and there, and a possible slip up, I knew I wasn’t going to get there that easily. With the work schedule I had last week (52 hours of work), and the lack of workouts that I eventually was going to have to replace with work hours, I knew that I wasn’t going to get to 300 this week.

However, this week, it will be a different story…

On Sunday, I realized a few things were going to happen this week. First and foremost, the goal month of April was going to arrive. But, I would not be reporting on the goal of 300 by April until the first Monday (5th) of April. So I had some time to get to the goal. The second thing that was going to happen was my mother was coming up for a visit. She was going to be here on the 2nd; thanks to the surprise my wife is planning. Oops, did I just ruin it? The surprise is for my birthday on the 4th, which is Sunday. So I decided, last week, that I wanted to hit all of these milestones together. I want to celebrate all of these at the same time.

The plan is to wake up on Monday morning, quietly walk down the hall, free of obstacles left there to aide in my pre-mom clean-up. Then lightly climb down the stairs, deliberate in my steps, knowing the way and where the creaks are located. Then walk to the scale, confidently, knowing that I cleared the path already, with workouts, proper dieting, good sleep, and the motivation of my mother seeing her son reach another birthday, healthier than ever. If all goes well, April, my birthday, my mom’s visit and the rest of my life will begin with a journey to the scale to read 300 or less. And hopefully, it will be a journey I never have to do again.

So this is it! Place your bets folks. Do I make it, basing my efforts on what I have learned about my body since starting this endeavor? Or do I miss it on last week’s gamble to hit the milestone this week? Do I return to the plateau? Does my work schedule surprise me again and mess up my schedule? Or will I have the best birthday ever?

See you next week.

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Calvini said...

Keep up the awesome work, man. 5 pounds in a week is a lot, but it'd also be an awesome way to welcome in your 29th year (who's counting, anyhow?).