Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In the Green, Green Hills of Morrisville, NY

Qualia and I are visiting the family in the hills of Upstate New York. Temperature for morning ride: 64 degrees.

I'm glad to report that Qualia is feeling either well enough or desperate enough that he climbed on the trainer and rode for about an hour on my bike, soaking through the handlebars with a sweat so corrosive that it destroyed my clip-on bar elbow pads. That's two weeks of distilled frustration. High acidity content.


GamJams said...

Lucky you - great riding up there. I went to college near there and the ride along route 20 from Hamilton to Cazenovia (or Lafayette on the rare occasions when I had it in me) is spectacular. It's upstate NY's own Skyline Drive.

Anonymous said...

Ah... Morrisville! Many long bus trips in high school to head over there and beat on those guys.

Amazing riding in that area. This is the first summer in years that I haven't gone back in August to get in some 70-something-degree-not-humid miles on the bike. Perfect time to be there.

Mike -- If you never made it to the stretch on 20 out to Skaneateles, you missed an incredible piece of upstate.

Bruce B

Calvini said...

Can't believe you guys know about this area. I rode on 20 yesterday; the 600 foot climb outside Caz absolutely slayed me.