Friday, July 31, 2009

The Bikerackheads Dickmove Driver Designator Design Contest

On July 8th, 2008 a garbage truck took a right turn across the bike lane and ran over cyclist Alice Swanson on the 1600 block of Park Road. The driver of the truck, 46 year old Marco Rosendo Flores-Fuentes, was not held responsible for running her over. The official report declares that "there were no reported physical injuries to the operator of the waste disposal truck."

Thank God for that.

This morning another cyclist on our team was struck by a car.

I hereby refuse to complain about aggressive and thoughtless drivers. I'm sick of complaining.

No cop will ever do this to the guy who took out Alice:

So if I can't complain, what can I do?

I've always wanted some way of responding to cars that nearly kill me. I want them to understand what they nearly did to me. Instead, I yell something, they pass by with windows rolled up, and that's the end of that.

I'd like to label all the cars that nearly hit me. I'd like a sticker I could slap onto them so that other cyclists would know.

I'm just not sure what kind of image use.

So I'll pose this question to you, the reader, all three of you. I hereby announce the "Bikerackheads Dickmove Driver Designator Design Contest" (although I suppose the title kind of gave it away).

Send me your design for a sticker to affix to aggressive vehicles: an image, a word, a phrase, whatever.

To be clear, I'm not saying that if these stickers are manufactured and distributed to interested parties, that said stickers should be used in the manner depicted previously. I'm simply posing a hypothetical. If you should happen to have a sticker in hand, and a dump track nearly happens to run over you, through no fault of its driver, and that sticker happens to become affixed to that vehicle, through no fault of yours as a cyclist, I accept no responsibility for the act.


Chuck Wagon said...

Is that what that white bike at the top end of Dupont by like R St. is about too?

Very nearly got taken out by a cabbie and an oblivious woman in a Lexus SUV last night. Cabs and Lexus SUVs give me the sweats. Very usual suspects.

Ryan Simpson said...

Drew Armstrong said...

Who got hit? Are they okay?

Peter Warner said...

Sorry to hear about another car/bike accident. I've always wondered if this cycling jersey would instill a little less recklessness by passing cars:

Calvini said...

Dave--I had a problem with Lexus SUVs too. Weird. Also, I've heard that the cab union exerts itself to protect its riders from getting tickets, which explains why they feel free to whip U-turns, roll through stops, and generally wander around as they see fit.

Ryan--that's hilarious. If only it could be more cycling specific...

Drew--Our godfather, Jonathon Lyons. He's OK. Got doored by a taxi.

Pete--...and all proceeds of jersey sales go to the fraternity of police. To be honest, the policemen I've dealt with have been awesome. They've issued tickets when the could, but they can't bludgeon drivers within an inch of their life (as happens in some of my daydreams).

Michelle said...

You know, I've been playing with this idea for a long time. I've been thinking that we should find some extra sticky/impossible-to-remove stickers and have them printed to say something like "This vehicle is a hazard to cyclists and pedestrians" and have them ready to slap onto to cars that nearly kill us. Part of the goal would be to make them hard to get off so the message would stick around for a while.