Sunday, June 28, 2009


Rugged adj.
1. Topographically uneven; "broken terrain"; "rugged ground".
2. Presenting a severe test of stamina, or constitution.
3. Rough, strong in character.
4. Possessing a shaggy carpeted interior, typically in reference to a full-sized van manufactured prior to 1990; "If that Dodge Ram with the bubbled porthole and Viking paint scheme is rugged, I'll take it. Otherwise, no thanks."
5. Past tense of "Rugg"; "Don't feel bad, buddy. It was the fog of war: everybody just got absolutely Rugged out there today."

See also: Ruggalicious; "This Booty Sweat is Ruggalicious!";
Ruggified; "He was a violent man of Ruggified character."
Ruggtastic; "NCVC is having a Ruggtastic day!"
Ruggelation; "I thought this Chateau Lafite would be a Ruggelation, but it turned out to be swill!"
Ruggutation, "Sorry, guys. I'd like to sit in, but I've got a Ruggutation to maintain;
Ruggulation, "Can't let you boys escape; it's Ruggulations";
Ruggfest; "Sheeesh... Washington County was a total Ruggfest."

Rugg verb
1. To gain altitude briskly; "Folks, we're just going to Rugg up to 30,000 ft. and then the 'fasten seat belts' sign will turn off and you can move freely about the cabin."
2. To attack frequently and unpredictably for the sole purpose of inflicting pain on others; "There was no making sense of it and no controlling it either; it was a straightforward Rugging of all parties concerned."
3. To display exaggerated emotions, both positive and negative, while racing; "After that course marshall misdirected him, he completely Rugged out on the guy and almost lost his license."

"To win is human, to Rugg divine."


Greg said...

i got a sweet rugg job after the race...

qualia said...
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Tim Rugg said...

Ridiculous! Haha.

tony said...

@Greg hahahaha. You definitely get this team's sense of humor.

Calvini said...

Rugg...don't you mean "me-diculous"?

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious, nice. Up there with "kahhhhnnnn!" on you got dropped.