Saturday, May 9, 2009


For me, Fort Ritchie was just another day of MABRA-tic ignominy. But for two shining beacons of wonder and awe it was a day of glorious triumph.

Marcus Aurelius Floro, you proved worthy of your namesake, "the wise," by positioning yourself shrewdly in the final turn and taking second in the following sprint. As the great emperor and sage philosopher once observed:

“The secret of all victory lies in the organization of the non-obvious.”

I don't know if you were the strongest in the field, Marcus, but you sure organized the hell out of the non-obvious. Smart, gutsy racing. Hail to thee...

The second of today's heroes was John LaRue. With a lap to go you took the manliest of gambits. You bet the guy behind you that he couldn't hang on your wheel. You bet all the guys behind that guy that they couldn't jump and catch you either. You cursed aerodynamic advantage, the swirling vortex of peleton power; you surged off the front like Cancellara in the Tour of Switzerland. Man-versus-the-wind. Man-versus-nature. Man-versus-himself.

You were only just nipped at the line. That was GLORIOUS, dude! A day to be remembered... and repeated.

Nota bene: it is my understanding that neither of today's heroes had previously placed in a bike race.


Sigberto said...

as we scouted the course, my teammate and i watched larue's entire attack with 1-to-go from the backside. we saw it all. epic racing for a cat 5 event.

it's too bad they stole it from you on the line, John. you may not have won the race, but today, you win the non-existent award for ballsiest, toughest move of the day.

qualia said...

You had a decent race yourself. Congrats!