Friday, May 22, 2009

Analogy Friday

Directions: Which pair best expresses a relationship most similar to that expressed in the original pair?





Please note: Please don't find this insulting! Squadra Coppi is, without doubt, among the classiest teams in the greater DC area, a great group of guys and ladies. Your panache is something we've tried (subconsciously, it seems) to emulate by making our kit indistinguishable from yours.


Anonymous said...

That's it Calvini, this time you've crossed the line!

Sigberto said...

It's easy to tell you and Coppi apart. The Coppi guys have a minimum height of 6-4 on their Cat 4 team this year - good for drafting.

chris said...

I believe the dude in the shower robe needs a cold one and that would be nice... The rappers and the cold one are the best potential pair,..