Thursday, April 2, 2009

Opportunity Cost

The anticipated $3 trillion that we will eventually spend bailing out America's rich could buy a Giant TCR Advanced for every man, woman, eunich, child, and sexually ambiguous person in India, China, and North and South America.

Arguments for the bailout make sense. The financial system would have collapsed had AIG gone under. But so what? Would that collapse have cost us $3 trillion? To the Giant TCR Advanced deprived citizens of the world, I say shame on us.

We have once again thumbed our noses at the developing world and chosen to shore up fragile systems that deserve to fail. Worse, while bankers will keep their Colnagos and custom Parlees they ride three times a year, the Chinese will continue their daily sufferfests on 35 pound single speed Flying Pigeons, and the poor Indians will just continue to walk.

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qualia said...

Worse... the Tata Nano is my new measure. It's a $2k four-person sedan. How many for 3 trillion dollars? 1.5 billion. Right. That's 5 cars for every man woman and child in America.