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Interview with District Taco's Osiris Hoil: Performance Enhancing Tacos!

Most of MABRA knows Osiris Hoil, owner of District Taco, Cat 4 (soon to be Cat 1) bike racer and sponsor of District Taco Cycling and Battley Ducati p/b District Taco.  I asked him a few questions yesterday and he was gracious enough to respond.  Orale!
Osiris (left) and teammates in new kits being ogled by creepy District Velocity Viking-Type Guy

1. Tell us about your background--where were you before you burst onto the MABRA scene?

I am from Yucat√°n, Mexico, born and raised in a small town called Tekax. Due to a lack of opportunities, my family (dad and mom) thought that I could have better opportunities in the USA. So I came here in 1999 with a tourist visa. My first job was as a dishwasher at a restaurant. I then worked my way up to become a kitchen manager (that took few years)... in 2006 I moved to VA and I got a construction job, but in 2008 I lost my job in the construction industry. I told Marc (neighbor then,business partner now) that I couldn’t find a job in the same industry and he suggested that I open my restaurant because he knows that I love to cook. I told him I didn’t have money for a restaurant. So we came with the idea to open the taco stand. I am now co-owner and CEO of District Taco with 160 employees.

2. What got you on the bike, and what led you to start racing (and to sponsor not one but two racing teams)?
Stress! The stress from my job was killing me. I was drinking a lot of beers and I was gaining a lot of weight. I had a goal, my goal was to lose weight, so I started to ride with some people that after few rides they became my best friends. I realized that the cycling community was very nice and huge around this area. I then started to go to HP at noon. But those riders were so fast and they always inspire me... thinking that someday I will become one of them.

When riders at HP saw I had potential to become a good bike racer, they kept telling me that I should race. Some how they put that idea in my head and I started to train to become one, a bike racer.. It was hard to get recruited by a team, I was overweight and I think I got intimidated by the captains of the teams by telling me that they are looking for dedicated and committed riders (which I understand now)... But I have a family with 3 kids and 4 restaurants and I thought I wasn't going to have time to train with them. and I'd stop asking around. So I decided to create District Taco Cycling Team Amigo and train in my own schedule...

I am a very busy man, with cycling, family, and work, I might not be able to become a Cat 1 very soon, but will see. But Capitol Racing LLC came with the idea to see if I can sponsor a Cat 1 team this year and since I am big fan of cycling, I said I why not?!

3. I have been a fan of District Taco since it was just a food truck in Rosslyn, years ago. Now you have several stores (including a new location in Dupont). How’d you get into the food business and where do you see it going?

One of my passions is cooking.  Growing up in a farm in Mexico I was close to my Mom and she taught me her secrets about cooking... I couldn't find another job in the construction industry so when Marc (business partner) gave me the idea and the offer to help me to open a business with him, I had nothing to lose. So I went for it!

We are opening one more restaurant this year and four restaurants next year, I am a dreamer, and I believe dreams do come true and I am living the American dream!... I am not stopping, we will keep opening new restaurants and keep having more opportunities for those that need one!

You see, cycling gives me energy to think better and work better..

4. You post pictures after almost every meal, and it’s almost always tacos. Can an all-taco diet be a healthy diet? 

Osiris Pre-Cycling and Taco Diet
Osiris Hoil Today

YES! Everything is fresh at DT, we grill a lot (salsas and meats) and we don't cook with lard or butter. At DT you create your own taco, you can go healthy or unhealthy, is up to you... I have lost 46 pounds by eating at DT and Cycling. I am not the only one losing weight at DT, we have lots of regulars customers and they have lost weight too...DT is great for you because you have your protein and fresh vegetables and it helps to recover your power in your body after a workout. It's a perfect recovery meal...

5. You lost some weight this past year, and you got fast. How’d you do it?

I just keep eating tacos at DT and try to keep up with those Cat1 guys at HP!

6. You’ve only been racing a few months, but you’ve already had some good results. What’s been the most fun you’ve had in a bike race?

At Bunny Hop, I had a plan to put my team mate on the podium and since I don't need the points anymore for this category, I decided to help my teammates. So I had a mission. I was attacking, chasing and leading out in this race so I was working very hard. But I think I took that last corner with a lot of power or I was leaning a lot? But somehow my rear wheel was dancing on me. (I felt the carbon fiber of the wheel scraping the asphalt... Some people described it looked like MotoGP power sledding. That was a lot of fun!! Glad I didn't go down...

See the sprint finish Osiris describes here:

7. Rugg, DJ Brew, and now you seem to survive on District Taco. Are your tacos performance enhancing drugs? Should District Taco tacos be banned substances?

Lol... It's all DT taco power!

8. Where do you see yourself in five years?
Riding my bike and eating tacos at District Taco!

District Taco Facebook
District Taco Cycling Facebook

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