Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Three Dirty, Depressing, Cynical Cycling Limericks (for the Children)

Mick Rogers, the Cow, the Clen
There once was a drug named clenbuterol
Was found in cows and cyclists (think Venn tutorial)
Caught, they blamed it on China or Spain.
The cyclists were suspended, protesting in vain;
The cows' fate was worse! Cooked in recycled motor oil.

Ryder and Lance
There once was a Giro winner named Hesjedahl
Was on the team claiming "No drugs installed!"
Turns out he'd hooked up with Edgar
To win his nice silver medal.
And yet escapes the banishment of "Has One Ball."

A Christmas Death
There once was a snowy Christmas Evening
When an ancient cyclist set out for a nice Christmas ring-a-ding
Hopped on his bicycle without checking the sky
Flew down the driveway (which turned out not to be dry)
And on ice fell and died, but then pedaled up heavenward to angels singing.

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