Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Peter Sagan Thinks Deeply

We knew Peter Sagan was special when he came onto the American scene in 2010 and did this.  Yeah, that pointing to the thighs, that's not something you see every day in a victory celebration.  Cadel Evans, for instance, has yet to summon the energy for a celebration as communicative as that.

But what really moves him?

Forrest Gump.



The shoulders part of the song head n shoulder knees n toes.

 Matt Goss


Something at his one o'clock.

High five?

The Hulk, and maybe the Vanilla Gorilla.

But lately he seems full of questions, as he was in Oman this morning.
As in, where is everyone?  Why is it so easy to win?  Why isn't my shirt green?  Where are the bosoms to sign?  Am I the next Cannibal?

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Steven said...

After his first few wins from last year, Sagan has been my favorite rider to watch, by far. A lot of what he does breaks the mold of classic cycling, pulling wheelies: , fun/slightly immature victory celebrations like you've shown above, etc.

Pro cycling can get dull from time to time, but not with him around!