Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Black Hills Video and Numbers

Our ridiculously handsome and powerful off-season free agent acquisition, the Butterscotch Stallion, Esq., provided this post-race breakdown of the numbers:

Clearly the lack of well-established breakaways led to a faster average speed in this year's edition. For those of us dropped or suffering, this is a bit of consolation.

There's further consolation for those who suffered through this year's 3/4 race. According to the analysis of Man Dagger, Esq., J.D., VRRCDJ (Virginia Road Race Champ, Denied-Jersey), this year's 2012 3/4 race was faster than last year's 2011 1/2/3.

Finally, this video comes courtesy of XO racing. It captures a slightly different angle than that shown on Bike Doctor's site.

Black Hills Circuit Race 2012 from XO RACING on Vimeo.

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