Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A God/Accountant of British Cycling

Believe it or not, this is the face of greatness.

This is Chris Myhill, British hill climb legend.

In races he wears glasses, the kind you wear around town.

He was tops among age groupers at the British Hill Climb championship this year.

He eschews the tuck, preferring to grab the aerobars on his bike like the horns of a bull.

His bike is from the last decade (notice the Wilier lettering and the BB30 bottom bracket).

Hair and makeup by Paul Mitchell.

Styling by Rutherford Nesbitt-Higgins, pig farmer and herpetologist.

Tanning spray courtesy of the British Dairy Council.

Just try staying with this guy on the climbs or in Excel spreadsheet. You've never seen a guy who can throw down watts, PivotTables, or nested statements like Myhill.

Proof that the heart of British cycling in no way aspires to $300 pink hats and merino wool penis warmers.


DJ Bike Police said...

What if one were to want to procure one of those merino wool penis warmers, how does one go about doing that?

CGM said...

I got completely lost when I got to "hair and makeup" line; and everything that followed that just made it worse. It must be my accent.
However, I do bow to his greatness.

tsvidogg said...

This is a very, very funny post.