Friday, April 22, 2011

Greenbelt: Where Wings take Dream, and Boston Terriers Roam Free

I spent several weeks worrying about Greenbelt this year, wondering if maybe it, like the majority of our Spring races thus far, would be cancelled. Thank goodness, Jeff Travis and the Route 1 Velo guys have once again proven their hearts of gold, balls of brass, veins of ice water, and all-round desirable anatomical molecular composition, figuratively speaking: Greenbelt is on!

I'm not sure what Greenbelt is, technically speaking, and if results from it matter, but by God it's a helluva good time on a bike.

Wait, wait.

Let me stop and do it stystemmatically, and not just gush all over the place with no respect for your intelligence, your desire for order, and your standards for sales pitches, which are probably as high as those of Giovanni Ribisi's character in Boiler Room:

You want to race, but you're not rich. At $183.75 for the entire season of roughly 16 races, you pay $11.48 per race.

You love riding on paths, and there's a nice path from DC to Greenbelt (not the one shown below, the C&O, but still, a nice path).

Gas prices are high, and you are cheap. Also you care about reducing your carbon footbprint, especially when it is convenient for you.

You can get out of work a little early.

There are things worth seeing in DC not in NW.

You won't find a better venue for learning how to attack, how to hang on, and how to handle your bike.

Know your enemy. Week after week, you'll get to know your opponents, possibly grow to like some, hate others.

You also get to ride in the middle of a park. By park, I mean the opposite of an office park.

There are free bagels with Nutella.

Larue's wonderful friend, Alex, her dog Charlie, and several associates, will be there sitting on a blanket and probably drinking wine. They will cheer for you ( although if it comes down to it, they're going to want Larue to win more than you).

You'll get to watch the C race, which always includes amusing characters and the occassional crack fiend.

It is a race, but it isn't. This means if you win, you win a race, but if you don't win, you don't lose, because it isn't really a race. That's what you can tell Alex and Charlie, in any case.

I know a guy whose goal this season is to peak for Greenbelt. That means he plans on peaking every Wednesday. His training regimine looks like this:
Friday-Saturday: base, long miles, weight training
Sunday-Monday: build, increasing intensity
Tuesday: taper
Wednesday: race
Thursday: off season cross training

I'm exaggerating, but only a little.

Party on bike! Right price! Scenic SE! Save Earth! Gassy Boston Terrier! Greenbelt! Come, enjoy.


Drake said...

Awesome post!

Mr. Evans said...

I might just bike up to Greenbelt from Fredericksburg every week, or buy the Times. Persuasive and great posts!

Pete said...

Ride bikes during the week with no motorists staring death rays into the back of my head? Fuckyeah

Hot Charles said...

Too Slow said...

If the A and B aren't really a race, then what is the C?