Sunday, April 17, 2011

Carl Dolan Pics and Vids

The weekend began at Chantilly, wet, cold and windy, with Nima taking the Masters' race and Evan Fader taking the 1/2/3. Coppi's offensive lineman took the 4s, and the tornado took the 3s.

Not sure what happened in the women's races, since I couldn't see through the downpour, but I offer here what might well be the finish of what might well be women in what might well be Chantilly:

The hardmen of the day? Evolution's volunteers and the motorefs. Thanks, badasses.

On to Dolan.

John of DVR after he took a prime:

3/4 finish:

Awful audio interview with Jose Nunez, 3/4 winner:

Interview with Darion Fleming, 3/4 runner-up:

Rugg making sweet love to a bear in the 1/2/3 race:

The chain would lead me to believe this is Faux-zzato, something like 5th place in the 1/2/3:

1/2/3 finish, Fader victorious:


Tim Rugg said...

Unfortunately that's not Faux-zatto. You need to do your shoe/sock correlation first! Must just be our new jersey big zippers.

I saw you do a U-turn close to wear Ray was marshalling. You finally start to hurt after the 4th race of the weekend?

Calvini said...

Yeah, I guess that's you isn't it? Damn crappy cell phone camera.

I had to pull out because of a mechanical. My hub cap (thing that holds the casette on) came off and suddenly I had a hard time moving the pedals. So I had to call it a day.

Turned out OK, because it was a beautiful day and I got to hang out and relax and watch you throw your arms up in frustration repeatedly ;).

Nick said...

coppi has an offensive lineman? wtf bros, i am the original, or something

Calvini said...

This guy, Nick:

Actually, he's got more of a defensive tackle kind of a build. And yes, I will be sitting on the sidelines with popcorn when you guys start going head to head.

Nick said...

damn dude, gotta see if i can get my quick feet back.

Peter Warner said...

nice race at Dolan. You were really active throughout. Disappointed you couldn't pull off the full quadruple though. I sort of got the chills after the 35+ on SAT. You're a hard man for doubling up there for sure. Oh, I don't think that's my wife's pic??? She may have swiped it from someone else. It all gets confusing.

wrobb said...

Look at us though..all lined up like sailors.