Monday, April 25, 2011

All-Capital Bikeshare Pseudo-Race: Date, Time, Attire

Recently this publication announced the All-Capital Bikeshare Pseudo-Race.

Here's what I'm thinking, but I can change it if it doesn't suit your schedule, maybe:

Monday, May 9. I'm thinking an hour or so on a big red bike is the perfect SAYG (slow as your grandmother) recovery ride. It's the day after Jeff Cup.

Time: Approximately 6:00pm

Location: Hains Point Tennis Court parking lot

Attire: Business performance aero casual (e.g., aero helmet, bib shorts, deep V-neck T, long striped socks, brown loafers)

Let's make this fun. Please invite friends, especially those who are awkward-looking, as it will make the pictures that much more amusing.

Keep in mind also that this isn't an actual race. You won't need your USAC card. There will be free laps, but no wheel pit. There will be no purse, only the admiration of those present.