Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Floyd vs. the UCI: What is it you want retractioned?

Several months ago, Floyd Landis was talking on a German radio station about the UCI's delayed announcement of the Contador clenbuterol positive. He, stated, "As far as the UCI is concerned, nothing about a cover up or taking a bribe or some kind of race results manipulation would surprise me.”

For some reason, this really pissed off the UCI, and recently the UCI responded directly to Floyd, a legal representative of the organization, a Mr. Ditesheim, threatening that he will "use all legal processes necessary to defend their [the UCI's] honor."

This prompted Floyd to respond to the UCI's letter with a letter of his own, in full Floyd bitter, bitter, hilarious style:


Dear Mr Ditzensheim,

I hope something has not happened to you (!) I have been looking forward to getting to know you good. I have copied Mr. Verbeast at the UCI because a year ago he sent me a similar email asking for some kind of retraction. I don't know what you want retractioned [sic] though(!!!).

And I am not living in Switzerland now though and maybe you have a colleague that you trust (and with his records!!!) that can represent me in my upcoming trial. If he can represent me for 500 Swiss Franks that would be GREAT (!!) because I am broke. (that would be 250 swiss franks up front!!!).

One other thing is I want to request that the trial be in Zurich in the summer because it is beautiful there but cold. If Zurich doesn't work possibly San Diego(?????). I live here!!

Thank You!

This is a serious matter

Today's exoneration of Contador led Floyd to write a second letter to the poor UCI


Hello Mr Ditesheim'

I haven't heard from you in a few days and thought I'd drop you a note with a few things to ponder. I'd like you to please try to reconcile this (http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/carpani-says-uci-pleased-with-spanish-federations-handling-of-contador-case) with your threat of litigation in light of todays exoneration of Alberto Contador. I look forward to your explanation.

Thank You
Floyd Landis


Here's an idea: fire Todd Gugolski, Craig Hummer, and even Phil and Paul. Put Floyd in the booth with a fifth of Jack Daniels and let 'er rip.


Calvini said...

Pat McQuaid today questioning the honor of Spaniards: "I wasn't surprised when you see it's Spain. Nothing surprises me that comes from Spain. But it's disappointing."

McQuaid's choice of words is surprising, since it's the same phrase Landis had used about McQuaid's UCI ("nothing...would surprise me").

qualia said...

Amen. Except I think you should leave Phil and Paul on the job and just have Floyd in the booth with them.

Phil: "Well, at least all that nasty business is behind us!"

Floyd: shakes head, delivers a sharp blow to Phil's kidney

I actually don't know how to feel about watching pro cycling with Contador in the peleton. I mean, yeah, I realize that probably all of the great performances I've even seen were doped, to some degree. But I didn't *know* that at the time. Not for sure. And where we did know after the fact, there have been consequences.

Now we have a known, unpunished, and unrepentant micro-doser (and/or autologous transfuser) carrying the banner for the sport. He looks as good on a bike as anyone in the history of the sport.

Do I doubt his guilt? Hell no.

From Velonation:

In addition, WADA stated that to produce 50 pg in urine, the contamination level in the meat should be at least three times the detection level in the European Union. WADA concluded that in order to achieve this level, it would have been necessary to have eaten meat which had been killed very soon after the last dosing of the animal with Clenbuterol.

Finally, the reports from WADA forwarded to the RFEC by the UCI point out that of 286,748 tests carried out on meat in Europe in 2008, just one Italian case was confirmed as positive for Clenbuterol.

In response, Contador’s legal team claims that in order to satisfy the requirements of reliable statistics, that 8,586 tests should have been carried out in the Basque Country. Instead, 100 were done.

The competition committee of the RFEC assessing the case has concluded that it is absolutely impossible for Contador to demonstrate the contamination of the meat, given that he ate it.


Good lord... Floyd is right. He just needed a better excuse and more clout with the right people, maybe a tweet from the Prez.

qualia said...

re: Spain, epicenter of doping, google "Juan Manuel Rodríguez Bastida"

Sigberto Garcia said...

Also, see: Alejandro Valverde

These dopers are protected from way up high in Spain. It's ridiculous. And as Floyd said, I'm sure it's not unique to that country.

bindaasbharat said...

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