Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Team, Same Crappy Blog

This year I will ride for Haymarket Development Team, despite being over 35 and totally wanting to be (but not actually being) a development project. Maybe the idea is that no matter how old we are, we should think of bike racing as a process of development. Name, shmame--the squad has a strong group of Masters racers such as Chip Hoover and Eli Hengst, and I'm looking forward to supporting them.

All Cat 1 and 2 teammates from my former squad, District Velocity Racing, are now on the Harley-Haymarket Synergistic Cycling Omni-team. In a way, my move to Haymarket is a way to continue riding with old friends, and some new ones.

I've enjoyed a long relationship with The Bike Rack, and with its owners, Wayne, Chuck and Richard. They've been good to me, and to the team, and I hope they continue to support local cycling and to bring new people into the sport.

As to DVR, well, they brought a lot of excitement to MABRA, once a group of complete novices trying to build a team from nothing, now respected juggernauts. I'm sorry to leave the team: they are maybe the best and most notable bunch of clowns/respectable dudes on bikes in the known world.

I say all this, not only to butter up the people and organizations that deserve it, but to explain the blog change: from "bikerackheads" to "Great Uncle Pappy's Cycling Almanac."

Anyhow, no big deal. This blog will continue to offer fake expert advice, race reports from the bloody heart of the peleton, and inside gossip on the twisted lives of Brownie Batter, Rugg, Big Tony, Coco, the Man-Machine Anderson, the Viking, Hulk, Zubaz-Pant Larue, Pete "Punisher" Warner, the Jawetzer, the Man-Dagger, the Matt "OK" Cupid, the Dutchman, and the rest of the chimps.

Go forth into the world with joy, and spread the gospel of Fred slayage to all peoples.


Anonymous said...

you say DVR "brought" a lot of excitement to MABRA. Please oh please tell me there is still a DVR team

Calvini said...

DVR's definitely sticking around and growing stronger. They've developed their membership with an expanded group of 5s and what looks like the foundation of a good women's team.

Also, I hear they've lined up some good sponsors, and I know several riders who will probably move into the 2s by May.

Their team ride several weeks ago was over 25 strong, the biggest I've ever seen it.

We're gonna have to do battle with these heartless hammerheads for at least a few more years.

Peter Warner said...

I approve the blog name change. Good work. Congrats on the move! I'm thinking the 35+ races are going to be some good, fun, epic battles with the talent spread around. Is that the new Haymarket kit?

Sigberto said...

Kudos to the DVR gang for creating an institution among the 3/4/5s of DC racing. It's unfortunate that DVR can't keep any of the Cat 2s to create a home-grown elite option for its racers. I guess nobody is willing to make it happen, even when you have a solid base of a few riders to get it off the ground year after year. Did you all at least consider entering DVR into the MABRA elite ranks? You already would have had a great "development" team of your own. I'm interested to hear if that was even considered.

See you on the road this spring.

Calvini said...

We definitely tried to get something going, Bert, but we've only produced four elites over 3 years, and the riders upgraded at different times. We tried reaching out to guys who'd upgraded from other local clubs with few elites--Coppi, Rt. 1, and so on--but no one was interested.

I would have been racing solo, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of racing, from my POV.

Looking forward to seeing you out there, too.

Tim Rugg said...

I don't want to see siggy anymore.

juuuuuust kidding siggy! Saw the sweet squad you guys are sending to battenkill! Good luck!

Big / Hot / El Prez / Tempo Tony said...

Fare thee well, Calvini. May our paths, but never our wheels, cross again soon.