Monday, December 20, 2010

Some Thoughts on Pacifist Nuns and their Ilk

Do you support bike lanes? Be warned--to law enforcement officials this is suspicious behavior. Also, so is being a pacifist nun, going to an historically black college, supporting Ron Paul, or giving money to prevent the abuse of animals.

A new series in The Washington Post, Top Secret America , reveals the breadth of government's expansion into our backyards; specifically, in the empowerment of local law officials with Federal funding, information, and equipment.

Our tax dollars--somewhere upwards of $31 billion over the past few years--paid for this expansion of local law enforcement power. The money came with a mandate; the DHS told local officials to operate "under the premise that other operatives are in the country and could advance plotting with little or no warning." The message is that Muslims "want to make this world Islamic. The Islamic flag will fly over the White House - not on my watch! My job is to wake up the public, and first, the first responders."

The aim, apparently, is to inspire fear.

So, instead of building better schools, bike lanes, better bridges and a greener energy grid, our tax dollars have bought the Memphis Police a beautiful, never-used fleet of HAZMAT trucks.

By analogy, it would be like Chuck Hutch buying a bearsuit in preparation for his next race.

We're in a delicate race with the rest of the world. We need all our resources spent on winning this race, not shielding us from an imagined threat.

I'm not saying terrorism isn't real, or even that it isn't connect with Islam. I'm just arguing that the costs of playing this game are not worth the theoretical benefits. Yeah, for the past few years this is sort of a Crash Sally Crash world, but this is a race, not a nursery. Let's stop nannying and ride.


Yerin said...

I read the title of this post as "Pacific Nuns" and thought you were making a crack about my mother. Oops.

Calvini said...

I remember the East Coast/West Coast violence that broke out between nunneries in the '90s. Those were some rough times....the driveby holy water sprinkling, the liturgy battles. Those were rough times.