Friday, November 12, 2010

Local racers featured in SIDI MABRA Ads

Several local racers have struck the big time, appearing in ads for the Italian cycling shoe maker SIDI. The ads, which appear for the first time in this publication, attempt to reach out to local racers using local racers rather than international stars.

The first of the ads, seen below, features a sweaty nude man obscuring his genitals with his SIDIs. "We wanted to capture the sexy, wild of cycling," said a SIDI spokesperson, Paolo Capellini, "but unfortunately this is the best MABRA has to offer." He then proceeded to blow his nose, roll his eyes and mutter, something about "...everyone thinks they're a Cipollini these days."

The idea behind the naked ad, featuring local star Tim Brown, is that "our shoes are basically like your penis, " Capollini explained, "which is highly appealing to the kinds of local riders who have these kinds of [unappealing] bodies and never use their penises anyhow."

A second ad appeals to the classier side of local cycling, featuring local pretty good racer, Anthony Abate, in an all-white tuxedo. The implied message of this ad is that SIDI is a classy shoe that, even if you aren't Chuck Hutch, you can still look good at what you do, and do it with class: you don't have to solo to victory or crush your opponents' souls (although Abate has several impressive victories, including Poolesville) to wear SIDIs. The slogan here is, "For the above-average racer."


Anthony "Tony Big Boy" A. said...

Like a dirty French novel, this blog post combines the absurd with the vulgar.

-Lou Reed, or something.

Brownzzato said...

Only God can judge me.