Monday, October 26, 2009


Sixth Men

Calvini's most impressive performances this year were not in the races he won, but races like the Tour of Washington County, where he helped Brown take all of the sprint bonuses in the crit, or Greenbelt, where he engineered and ensured a Dutch triumph week after week. The same could be said for lots of other DVR riders. Martin leaps to mind, but honestly it's harder to think of teammates who don't fit the description.

It's why DVR had such a successful season. Not only did we have fit, hungry riders. We also had a willingness to trash a perfectly fresh set of legs to cover a break, or to make a break happen, or to drag someone up to the front of the field in the last lap. We didn't always ride smart, but we rode for each other, and that led to results.

I won't be back in the U.S. until the end of June. Given such a short racing window, it's unrealistic to expect to bump up another category. What I can realistically hope to do next season is to help my team.

So that is my goal: help DVR win.

Super domestiquing will require a more efficient aerobic system than I had this year, far better climbing, and improved power over 2 minutes.

But I'd love to come in off the bench and inject some energy.


Tony A. said...

I can't wait for that energy injection in June 2010. You'll be sorely missed in the meantime.

Keep on blogging for us, will ya?

Fare thee well.

Corey D said...

The Hulk will always have an open contract with DVR. Ride some english time trials and come back ready to rage.

qualia said...

Tony: you deserve a lot of credit for making the team as cohesive as it is.

Corey: when I return, I hope to be as English as possible. Pasty white skin, tiny arms, tiny pot belly, and deceptively fast. You should be a 3 by then, but if not, expect leadouts.

Tony A. said...

Corey is definitely getting fast while peeps aren't looking. It all started when he began shaving more than 0.5cm above his shorts line.

TerribleTerry said...

Keep the shaving strategies between the team.... the enemy are everywhere just waiting to learn the secrets...

Tony A. said...

Welcome to a tiny glimpse of our daily team email discussions. There's so much more, and worse, where that came from.