Monday, October 12, 2009

Fear and loathing in DC

Brown hoisting some wheels

I'm getting a little sentimental this Fall, with the leaves falling and the crisp coolness in the air. Or perhaps I'm thinking of yore, smelling the damned cider mulling or motherf-ing leaves burning as the happy-as-freshly-drugged-crack-addict kids carve up some shitty pumpkins manufactured at some lab down in Arkansas. Meanwhile, a bunch of Evangelicals are enjoying a celibate hayride through some godforsaken Midwestern Monsanto franken-cornfield surrounded by prefab aluminum sided houses and the tallest tree is about 8 feet tall because it was planted by some poor Mexican who came to this country just last week and it was the first sugar maple he'd ever seen, coming from an arid climate and all, so you can't blame him for killing it, although the effect of death is the same effect is Fall, and no one will blame him for a while, although he'll probably get fired--they do pretty easily. Now they're giving out Nobel Prizes at Costco in bulk to anyone willing to hold off on sodomizing Kabuli taxicab drivers with Coke bottles and the smell of a woodburning stove kicks up with some wood purchased at the 7-11, just like grandpa used to do.

Yeah, it's that kind of sentimentality, the kind I don't want to feel. I'm a little grumpy. Haven't been on the bike. Don't really want to.

Here's Brown out winning race and wheels and me, stuck in my room studying and thinking about all the crappy parts of Fall. Foremost, the apocalypse (for cyclists, at least) of Winter. It's coming, damnit.

All the fat people will have an excuse to be fat, and those of us with souls will lose them for a while. Hear the words of the prophet and weep your little asses off.


Corey D said...

You poor fool! Wait till you see those goddamn bats.

chris said...

wow Jonny Dep eat your heart out..motivation and time restraints ,...fight the power

Sam said...

Ride ur bike, think/know less.... aka be like Brownie

qualia said...

Friggin hilarious. We demand more!