Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The 2010 Model is Here

This blog is new.

Everything is shiny.

Everything is fresh.

Man on bike action!

Smell the fresh-out-of-the-e-wrapper e-scent?

50% less verbiage.

50% shorter sentences.

50% more pictures.

Girl on bike action!

Every word you read in this blog will make you infintesimally faster.

Infintesimally greater swagger will be thrown in, no extra charge, if you read now.

This blog will give you huge quads.

This blog will give you a huge trouser snake, unless you don't want one.

When you cannot literally be riding your bicycle, this blog will be the bicycle you can carry around in the rack of your mind.

Tandem action!

This blog will help you endure a year of Cadel in rainbow stripes.

Cadel Evans on stuffed lion action!

We've removed the impossible from our warehouse.

Now for sale, the possible.


Lifein360 said...

Do we have to provide a shipping address for the quads, trouser snake and the swagger? ;)

Calvini said...

We ship directly to your e-heart.

Tony A. said...

Long live the 'heads.

Lance said...

What if you don't want huge quads?