Monday, August 3, 2009

Bike Rack Celebrates Innuendo Free Weekend in Intercourse

Four members of our team performed well at the Tour of Lancaster this weekend. On Saturday, the team racked up a win and a fourth place finish in the road race. The Dutchman was in 2nd place on GC going into day two. Says Dennis about the optimistic mood that prevailed after day one, "We spent the eveing fantasizing about the sponsorship possibilities that the title 'Intercourse Champion' would offer the team, and were fired up for day 2."

Sadly, damp conditions prevailed and led the Dutchman to not race in the crit and forfeit chances at GC victory. Of four team members, only Tom Simchak remained, and his bravery led to his moving up to 4th place on GC and a substantial payout.

In related news, this blogger has now managed to write seven sentences without including overt sexual innuendo in this race report. Despite tempting location (Intercourse) and weather conditions (wet), this blogger resisted bowdlerizing his team's significant achievements.

Lance gives us a proper victory salute

Real winners bring their own podium girls (dressed in team colors)

The Dutchman insists on the pro treatment

Marcus and Dennis brave the rain


Lovely Intercourse


Drew Armstrong said...

While we were in the middle of Intercourse, I was looking at google maps and found that Intercourse was (actually) located just about between Fertility, PA and Blue Ball, PA. A few miles further south is Paradise, PA.

Tim Rugg said...

I wish I would have done intercourse this weekend. Seeing how wet it was really stems regret.

Sam said...

The photo of Lance where he's exhaling the 'bong hit of victory' is truly awe inspiring. I've been starring at it all day.

Greg said...

Lance totally ruined my close-up.