Monday, July 13, 2009

Dawg Days, or winning's great but did YOU barf on your toptube?

I have never vomited in anticipation of, before, during, or immediately after a sporting endeavor. To me, upchucking from exercise is up there with the Ironman finishers who crawl across the line covered in their own feces. Unless you've overdone it at Supertacos, throwing up requires a kind of effort that can't be measured in watts or miles per hour, or even facial contortions (see Rugg, Timothy). It can't even be measured by one's seeming inability to do anything but roll around on the ground with a chocolate milk tucked in your jersey pocket (see A., Tony).

No, it can't be measured in the length of one's mutton chops (see D., Corey) or in the degree of crookedness of one's helmet (C., Dan).

It's measured very simply: by whether you can convince your stomach that by God, things are getting awful, and we'd better hit the eject button.

Thus it is with great pleasure that I announce the inaugural Nathanial A. Gazzetta Vomiting on his Top Tube Whilst Sprinting for a Prime Award.

Nathan G. at our training camp in his AU nappies

The first award goes to its namesake, Nathan, of course. The award is the vomit emoticon, shown here, which Nathan can use to more fully express himself in g-chat:

35+ 4/5
As he did at Hag-town and again at Dawg Days on the bike, today Sigberto Garcia has once again beaten me to the line, this time off the bike. His sequence of photos tells the story of what happened in the 4/5 35+ race better than I can.

photo: Marcus Floro

That race was a mess and to the guys who went down: I hope the injuries are the quick-healing variety, the kind you can use to impress your grandkids, not the kind that keep you from sleeping (I have a few of those).

Women's 4 and 1/2/3
Lisette, our Dutchwoman, was felled from the women's 4 race by a plastic bag in her cassette. She promptly joined the 1/2/3 race, hit a new HR high of a hummingbird-esque 201 bpm, and finished in the front part of the pack. Not bad for her third race.

Men's 3
What more can I say about Tim Brown? This guy...[eyes welling up with tears]...put in huge hours early in the season. I recall him racing on Saturday, doing the 40 mile shop ride, then riding out to Syn-fit (I believe). I thought he would hurt himself. Well, look at his fitness over the past month: 3 Cat 4 wins and a dramatic 10-lap two man breakaway effot yielding 2nd place in his third Cat 3 race.

Men's 1/2/3
Probably the most enjoyable race I've ever watched, simply because for the first time ever, the Bike Rack had five guys in a 1/2/3 race and we were actually competing. We weren't just trying to survive. We were racing with Harley, Artemis, Richmond Pro, Haymarket, and the like.

Rugg damnit, that was fun.


Tim Rugg said...

That was fun.

- Thanks for the support. You've encouraged me throughout my riding more than anyone. You are a true motivator and the best teammate anyone could ask for.

Calvini said...

Wow, Tim. Glad to hear that. To be honest, I just told it like I saw it.

Tony A. said...

Hearing of Nate blowing chunks going across the line lifted my spirits during the rolling-on-ground episode. I wish I had the cojones to push myself that far.