Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jim Wilson's View of a Wipeout

Jim Wilson's photos are amazing. If you do find yourself caught in his lens, be grateful, and maybe throw the guy some cash and get yourself a sweet framed 8" x 10" you can use as a centerpiece of self-worshiping narcissism.

Wilson caught a spectacular sequence of pictures at Williamsport this weekend. NCVC's Paul Lengerman goes down, and Super Dave Osborne makes a miraculous adjustment to avoid running Lengerman over. Osborne vaults a hay bale, his bike, caught by Wilson's camera, floating midair behind him.


Peter Warner said...

hmm..I'm just wondering to myself how long it will take for the cat 4 NCVC team to begin ripping on their teammate all over the internet like they have me. I guess I should be happy to have been "gifted" the GC as they've so eloquently manifested.

Sliding out is absolutely no fun. I feel for Paul due to my similar incident. I'm just glad everyone is ok. Those pictures bring me haunting reminders which I'd rather soon forget.

Unrelated: You do put up some interesting reading material. I enjoy reading your posts.

Flanagan said...

Couldn't agree more. Looks like there were quite a few people who lost traction in that final corner throughout the day. I hope both Super Dave and Paul are OK. Crashing is never fun, and it is certainly dangerous. Its too bad NCVC's Cat 4 team doesn't seem to care about whether or not someone is OK after a crash, rather its just a convinient excuse why they didn't win when leading out from 8th or 9th wheel. Hope everyone's road rash is healing up!

Calvini said...

Pete, you were awesome at ToWC. Between NCVC and us, there was nothing we could do to top your TT.

I did see some sketchy bike handling, but, hey, we all do that, and we're all a bunch of clowns on bikes compared to the top guys.

I do have one major beef with you: why couldn't you have joined our team?

qualia said...

Nice move by Osborne!

Peter Warner said...

Thanks, Calvini (It's Kevin, right?). Sort of strange how we both appeared to meet our team's objectives after it was all over and the dust had settled. I think that's why I'm becoming fond of stage races. You ALL had a great race, congrats as well.

I read in your other post about the solo move. I wondered who that was. FWIW, you guys did concern me a bit with you going off like that. I wasn't quite sure what you guys were up to since I know you guys rarely do anything without a purpose.

Sorry for causing the beef. You guys are too young, wild and crazy for me :-) (please take that as a compliment). I feel like Grayson is my racing soulmate. We started together and have done nearly every race together. I'm lost if I don't see him at the starting line!