Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's Hard to Kiss the Lips at Night that Chew Your Ass Out All Day Long

Last night riding back from Greenbelt was a little ordeal. First it started raining and the thunder and lighting were going. I thought I saw one of these forming:

Then, I believe, the Red Army attacked:

Somebody fired off a rail gun:

Things were awfully damp for a while. We lost a few good men, one guy when his sunglasses fell off and he stopped to retrieve them. He was never heard from again.

It was an ordeal which makes one re-assess why one cycles. I mean, it can sometimes just be awful, dangerous, painful, and improverishing.

Sometimes I'd rather drive a car.

Sometimes cyclings sucks.


fabsroman said...

Is that a pic from Ride Sally Ride? If so, where did you get it, and/or can I get a copy. I'm the guy in the Latitude jersey sitting 3rd wheel.



PS - My motto is, as long as the bad doesn't exceed the good, I continue doing it.

Calvini said...

I stole it from my teammate, Martin, who stole it from somebody else, Fabrizio. I'll try to alert him to your desire, and from whom you could purchase or otherwise legitimately attain the picture.

Btw, just by being named Fabrizio, and having a sweet motto, you're probably the coolest guy ever to post on our blog.

Molto bene, Signiore.

qualia said...

it was disappointing not to race and water probably got through the seals and into all of my bearings. but i had fun yesterday.

fabsroman said...


Parli Italiano? Io parlo un po.

Now, back to English, which I speak and write a lot better. I found the photo. It was actually taken by one of my teammate's wives, Amy Jones. She takes a lot of really good pics. Thanks for checking on it and thanks for the reply. If I'm not still sick, I'll see you guys at Church Creek and/or Murad.

FYI - I always drive to Greenbelt because you can expect there to be a couple of rain outs in late May and early June. I don't ride or race in the rain. That is where the bad can exceed the good by far, especially riding in vehicular traffic.

Calvini said...

Thanks for the source on the pic, Fabrizio. Amy's a great photog.

And no, I don't speak any Italian. No, thanks to a Peace Corps stint, I speak a completely useless language, an African dialect spoken by about 2 million people. Extent of its use: I can ride my bike past the Swazi embassy and shout greetings if ever anyone Swazi emerges from the building.

My next race is Washington County. Hope to see you out there.